Micro & Nano Fabrication Laboratory at VA Tech's Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

The ECE cleanroom located on the sixth floor of Whittemore Hall at Virginia Tech provides 1900ft2 of cleanroom space for the research and development of MEMS, nanotechnology, bio-sensing applications, photonic and microelectronic devices. It was originally designed as a class 10,000 clean room, but with proper gowning, cleaning and user awareness, we have achieved levels closer to a class 100 cleanroom. The cleanroom currently houses an array of process tools for the fabrication of devices associated with the previously mentioned technologies. Adjacent to the cleanroom, there is another lab which houses and supports several of our physical vapor deposition and metrology device characterization tools. Inside the clean room there are exhausted process areas for photolithography, development/solvent, and acid/base processing.

The cleanroom is available to all Virginia Tech university departments and external industries. University members are able to use the facilities and process tools once they complete safety training, orientation of the facilities and individual training on the specialized process tools. At this time all external users are required to use university personnel to perform their processing. Currently the Bradley Dept of ECE cleanroom serves over 50 graduate students and associated research personnel working in the research and development areas of Electrical Engineering, Materials Science, Physics, Biomedical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.